Villas To Visit in Menorca

The city of Menorca has its pride which are the best and top-rated Villas around. They are found anywhere in Menorca and tey are worth vacating. There are many of them near tourist attraction sites, in the city, and out of the town, so they fit everybody’s choice. Here are some of the best Villas you can get in Menorca

Binibeca Villas

The villa resort here is from Cala Torre around the Binibeca vell east part which is most known part of fishing. Binibeca has backed sandy beach that is dune and gorgeous that has a relaxing beach bar with small sunbeds and restaurants where you can take some snoozes during the afternoon. There is also one bay you can snorkel and swim and it also jas some shops, restaurants, and the bars too. They are traditional hence giving the nature of the area, and you can also have some car trips or outing trains around Binibeca.

Cala en Bosch Villas

It is found on the west side and offers excellent entertainment for the enjoyment of the entire family. You can make your trip here at the water park to see outings and fishing expeditions. There is also a bathing beach with some cuisine types offered by most restaurants and bars which are quality and fast foods. Cala es bosch to the villas is a distance of walking 15 minutes and Ciutadella too is perfect if you like city life.

Son Bou Villas

It is a resort in traditional nature and self-contained if you have a pol based day or beach feelings. It includes the longest beach in Menorca which has golden sand stunning and trending for almost 2 kilometres. The dunes have quite spot in ll seasons when exploring this long shoreline. The area has the best restaurants, bars, and shops.


When visiting Menorca, the above top villas are the best which you can check-in and find the life you always wanted in your vacations.