Pneumatic installations

Pneumatic installations
In response to the needs of small companies, workshops and large enterprises, we offer design and implementation of compressed air installations (hydraulikk pumpe) . These are systems based on a pipe system pipelines that send compressed air to the collection points, which may be machines or tools.

Compressed air installations are widely used and can be used in, for example , pneumatic systems , where the work is carried out using compressed air energy, energy storage systems, and in industry (tools, machines, compressors).

Performing the ordered installations, we focus on the accurate dimensioning and assembly of the system components, thanks to which the designs made by us are characterized by reliability. Professional approach to the order allows you to avoid unwanted events, such as pressure drops in the installation caused by improper assembly of components. We prepare installation designs that take into account the work parameters and the quality of compressed air (oljeanalyse) . In the project, we take into account individual customer needs and the conditions under which the installation will be used.

We undertake construction of the installation, and the development of the infrastructure functioning in the company or enterprise (connection to the network). We provide flexible hoses for air transport and pneumatic quick couplers to allow easy gas flow.

In addition, we carry out audits of the compressed air installation.

Our installations are characterized by reliability and tightness, and thus the elimination of energy losses. Regardless of that, each completed project is finalized with diagnostic measurements and inspections that control the quality of the service and allow the installation to be safely used.
The ABC Mercedes system is a representative of the hydraulic active suspension system (pneumatikk) . The whole work is supervised by a controller connected to several sensors (vehicle movements are tested by four level sensors, three vertical accelerometers, one longitudinal one, one transverse one, additionally each of the four hydraulic cylinders has its own independent position sensor).

Such a system is able to create forces in a fraction of a second in order to counteract any tilting, slipping or falling of the car suspension.