Types of Cherry Pickers and Their Benefits

Types of Cherry Pickers and Their Benefits

Working at high heights can be risky and cumbersome. In construction and maintenance works, workers are forced to use ladders that are unstable and this can lead to accidents. To avert accidents at your work sites, you need to invest in cherry pickers. A cherry picker is mechanical equipment made up of a platform and a hydraulic lifting system. It allows your workers to access even the trickiest areas safely.

While the equipment was originally used on orchards, its uses have now been expanded to many industries. If you have been looking for an idea to increase productivity in your company, here are some types of pickers(h√łydeteknikk) to choose from and their benefits:

Benefits of Cherry Pickers

The equipment is versatile, adaptable and mobile, meaning it can be used in any type of project. Your workers can access the tightest spaces, which gives you a competitive edge over other contractors. This equipment can also be used in a wide range of industries including fire services, filming events, servicing utilities such as telephone and electricity and building maintenance. It is a safer alternative to ladders and your company will avoid costly liability claims in case of accidents.

Here are some of the cherry pickers you can choose from:

Boom Cherry Pickers

These are ideal for both indoor and rough terrain work. They are either petrol, electric or diesel powered and they enable both horizontal and vertical access. They can reach vertical heights of up to 47 meters and 24m horizontal reach, making them ideal for extreme working environments. The equipment comes in different designs including articulated, telescopic, spider lifts/liftutleie kristiansand, and towable models.

Scissor Cherry Pickers

This cherry picker can only move vertically using a pantograph or the scissor(sakselift kristiansand) mechanism. The system is pneumatic, mechanical or hydraulic and the equipment can be used in a wide range of conditions. They have a wider platform similar to a scaffold, which means they can accommodate more workers and loads.

Mast Lift Cherry Pickers

This is a type of lift(lift kristiansand) that extends vertically along a straight mast boom. They have high lifting capacity and a great vertical reach they offer a safe platform for workers. The compact design allows easy access to hard-to-reach areas. You can find self-propelled models or electric models in the market depending on your needs.

These cherry pickers come in different power and towing options. While some are self-drive others are vehicle or trailer mounted. There are also those that are optimized for rugged environments. Your choice will depend on the specific use to which you want to apply the cherry picker.